Professionalism: The Key to Solo Real Estate Success

We’ve said before that real estate is a great career choice for people who need a flexible job they can run out of an average household. You don’t need to invest in an expensive office or lots of equipment. However one mistake many solo real estate pros make is to confuse flexibility with sloppiness. You still need to come off like a professional and Easy HUD real estate title software helps you do that.

Don’t Look Like an Amateur

Clients have a lot of agencies to choose from. Don’t give them a reason to pass you by. If the client ever feels like you are not treating their transaction seriously then they are going to take their business elsewhere. This means you need to follow basic rules even if you work out of your home: dress professionally, don’t take client calls with the TV blaring in the background, have a dedicated office space and so on.

Solo home-operated real estate businesses are attractive because the operating costs are so low, but know where you need to spend money. For example technology is often an investment. Trying to work on the cheap by filling out the HUD 1 settlement sheet by hand wastes a lot of time you could be spending shopping for other clients, and also looks sloppy to a client used to high tech solutions.

Invest In the Right Tools

It’s nearly impossible to run a successful real estate business without a computer. You don’t need some cutting edge machine with an expensive graphics card and a screaming fast processor, but you certainly need something. Real estate tends to be a portable business so investing in a laptop or a tablet allows you to take your office with you. Being able to refer to client and property information in the field is a big plus.

Working with sophisticated HUD settlement statement software like Easy HUD shows the client you take your job seriously. You can complete the HUD form quickly and then print it in your office or email it to the client as a PDF or Word file. If you use the cloud version then you can access all of your client’s information from anywhere with an internet connection.

Remember that a professional image does more than just keep your current client; it gets you new ones. If you are the nice but bumbling amateur then is the client really going to recommend you to friends and family? Probably not. Contact Easy Soft to find out more about how Easy HUD improves your image as well as your workflow.

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