Printing Settlement Forms From The Cloud

Cloud is the hot buzzword for computer software lately. Cloud-based software gives users more flexibility by not tying them to specific computers, operating systems or locations. The cloud version of Easy HUD, Easy Soft’s HUD settlement statement software, allows real estate agents and attorneys to access a client’s information and complete the HUD statement from anywhere. However what do you do when the document is finished?

If you are using the desktop-based real estate closing software, of course, you just hit Print and your printer churns out as many copies of the form as you need. You can still do that in the cloud version if you are at your office at the time. And yet the whole point of the cloud version is mobility, so what are your options in the field?

One choice is a portable printer. There are a number of fine printers that communicate with your laptop or table wireless or through Bluetooth. These devices are built to be small and convenient and yet provide high quality documents.

Some public Wi-Fi hotspots offer users printing capabilities, though there may be a charge associated with it. You probably won’t find a printer in a coffee shop but you might find one at your local library. It might be more convenient to print HUD forms at these satellite locations rather than go back to your office.

Finally you always can simply not print the form. Easy HUD allows forms to be “printed” as electronic documents. Save the finished HUD settlement statement form as a PDF or RTF document. You can email that document to a client for their review, or the recipient can print it to be signed. You can even email the document from Easy HUD directly. The software will save it as a PDF and send it to the desired recipient as long as you have provided your email account details.

All of Easy Soft’s cloud-based law practice management software products offer these flexible printing options. Contact us to find out more about how cloud-based software automates your business while freeing you from being chained to your desk.

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