PA Divorce Software That Functions As More Than A Calculator

Unlike software that segregates the calculations from the forms, Easy Soft’s EzSupport-PA isn’t just a powerful PA child support calculator. It also provides you an opportunity to automate Pennsylvania family law forms.

These include court documents and pleadings , such as motions, notices, and summons. They also include financial worksheets and supporting documentation, such as income and expense statements . And finally, they include correspondence.

One advantage of this, you only need to enter the case data one time. This is a trademark of all Easy Soft software, including our legal billing software, our trust accounting software, our national divorce software, our real estate closing software, and other valuable (and value-packed) programs.

Another advantage is that if the form you need isn’t there, you can create a new one. You can add virtually any type of form you need, and use case data to auto populate it.

Easy Soft has been around for 26 years. We’re stable, and we’re competent. We’ve been working with divorce attorneys like you for 26 years. We are well familiar with the challenges of your specific practice.

Our divorce law software is thorough, easy to use, and well-priced. In addition to EzSupport-PA, our portfolio consists of the Divorce Financials Software – applicable to all 50-states—and state-specific divorce and support solutions for New Jersey, New York, and Arizona. Add law office management software such as Easy TimeBill, Easy Trust, and the like, and we are your one-stop shop.

To learn more about our divorce software for attorneys, call Easy Soft at 800 905 7638.

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