Meet the Smiths – Part 4: Lawyer Billing Software for Your Bottom Line

You’ve been hired by Tom Smith for buying and selling his first house, buying his second house, divorcing the first Mrs. Smith and now divorcing the second Mrs. Smith. He’s asking whether you’ll offer him a discount and you’re wondering if you’ve been billing him enough.

Easy Soft legal billing software to the rescue for your bottom line!

When you use Easy Soft’s law office billing software, you won’t miss one minute of billing. When you’re in the office, you can open a new time slip, provide a description, and click on the clock to start earning. When you leave for court or a meeting, you can create an entry with no time, and then edit the entry to input your time when you get back to your computer. At the same time, you’ll remember to input out-of-pocket expenses associated with each time entry.

Our attorney billing software is so well designed that it allows you to select the type of billing, whether hourly, fixed fee, or recurring. At the end of each day, take a moment to review your time entries and compare them to your calendar. Even when you are working on a fixed fee basis, you can input your time into our law office billing software so that you can evaluate whether you are pricing for profitability.

When you also purchase our trust accounting software, your time law office billing software will become fully integrated to show you the balance of your client’s advance retainer deposit, as well. This pair of software products helps you to strategically monitor how to allocate your time for profitability. When Mr. Smith calls to relay his latest fight with Mrs. Smith Number Two, as soon as you start the clock running in your law office billing software, you know to mention to Mr. Smith that an additional deposit will be necessary because there’s only $200 left in trust from his original deposit.

And, if you do decide to offer Mr. Smith that discount for his second divorce, our attorney billing software has a feature that will let you select the type of discount as one-time or on-going and whether it is a percentage or a fixed dollar amount. These deductions appear as written entries on the monthly client invoice, so you can build good will with Mr. Smith – just in case he should need to hire you, again.

Get paid for all of your professional services using Easy Soft’s Easy TimeBill.

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