Meet the Smiths – Part 3: Legal Escrow Accounting Software

Continuing our series on practice life with the Smiths, you’re no doubt already aware it could involve several escrow transactions. The Smiths might buy a house, sell a house, and get a divorce. Each one of these transactions will involve trust accounting .

Are you prepared to represent the Smiths by using Easy Soft’s legal escrow accounting software to meet ethical requirements and get paid?

First, let’s review what’s involved in escrow transactions when the Smiths buy and sell homes. If you’re a busy real estate attorney, you need attorney trust accounting software that allows you to input each, separate escrow account, escrow agent, and depository. Trust accounting ethics requirements include balancing each escrow deposit, maintaining a ledger of all transactions, and storing bank transactions records. Our trust accounting software includes all of these features and more.

Also, when a client makes an advance retainer deposit, you need attorney trust accounting software that corresponds to your IOLTA regulations. While you can combine advance retainer deposits into a single account, you must balance each client separately to ensure that each deposit is properly funded until it is earned and paid to you. Easy Soft trust accounting software will help you meet your ethics requirements through its three-way reconciliation report.

Because we work closely with our more than 15,000 clients, we know that trust accounting isn’t always easy. This means that you might put it off, but that only compounds the problem. Sooner than you think, you could be months behind, and that could spell ethics problems.

Among our products and services, Easy Soft offers a special trust reconciliation service. When you subscribe to the Easy Soft trust reconciliation service, you get the benefit of our trained accountants to help you use the Easy Trust software product and balance your trust account. The attorney trust accounting software is provided free. If you are struggling with trust accounting, our team at Easy Soft is here to help, whether through support for use of our attorney trust accounting software or through our trust reconciliation service.

On our website, you’ll find a free trial download of Easy Trust, our legal escrow accounting software . Licenses start at $249, and come with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. The purchase price includes one year of free technical support. If you otherwise want to sign up for our trust account reconciliation service, we will provide you with Easy Trust software for free.

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