mEasySoft V3.0 – A magic smartphone App

We are pleased to announce the release of m EasySoft V3.0, a magic smartphone App. m EasySoft is now available with Pension Value Calculator and additional state specific (PA and AZ) Child Support Calculators.

PA family lawyers can now calculate Pennsylvania child support and APL on the go. Punch in your raw data, have the Smartphone App perform the calculations, and quickly figure out what will work for your client.

Ditto! AZ family lawyers can calculate Arizona child support, too.

In one single Easy Soft’s smartphone app, users get robust set of divorce settlement calculators such as Pension Value, Alimony Buyout or Present Value, Alimony Recapture . App also has NJ, NY, PA and AZ state specific child/spousal support calculators . Install the exciting new smartphone app today – it’s free!

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