mEasySoft: Mobile App for U.S. Family Lawyers

Now announcing mEasySoft: a Mobile App for Family Lawyers around the U.S.

Easy Soft’s free* mobile phone application provides robust divorce settlement calculations for family law professionals, including Alimony Buyout v. Present Value calculations, Alimony Recapture alerts, and child support and temporary maintenance calculators.

Whether you’re having lunch with a client, in chambers with the judge, or negotiating with opposing counsel, mEasy Soft gives you the tools you need anywhere you can access the internet. These tools are available on your Smartphone (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry) or iPad device.

mEasySoft does most things that our family law software does. It allows you to evaluate and settle divorces: confidently, responsibly, and remotely. It also:

  • Keeps you updated with the latest U.S. tax and guideline changes.
  • Performs tricky calculations-such as comparing the tax impact of alimony versus child support.
  • Allows you to perform any Divorce Financial calculation-and then email it to yourself, your client, and anyone else you like.

If you’re a current subscriber of any of our family law products, then both the mEasySoft app-and corresponding tech support-are free . For tech support, just use the regular support channels.

iPhone. Install Now, or just search for “easysoft” in your Apple App Store.

iPAD. Install Now, or just search for “easysoft” in your Apple App Store.

Android. Install Now, or just search for “easysoft” in your Android App Store.

Blackberry. Install Now, or just search for “nj child support” in your BlackBerry App Store.

To learn more about our divorce software for attorney, call Easy Soft at 800 905 7638.

* Apps are free for current Easy Soft subscribers.

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