Lifestyle Analysis – The Newest Feature of Our Divorce Law Software

Recently, Easy Soft added a Lifestyle Analysis feature to our Divorce Financials Software.

In the absence of specific expense data on either side, you can estimate the party’s monthly expenses based on information contained in bank and credit card statements.

That way, no one has any excuses or reasons for delay—and things can proceed toward settlement or judgment. Your client’s life can resume.

Our Divorce Financials Software also enables you to calculate the following:

  • Tax Optimized Settlements. With very basic data, you can calculate the parties’ net disposable income.
  • Alimony Analysis. This allows you to juxtapose five payment scenarios—and choose the one best suited to your client’s needs.
  • Alimony Calculation. This allows you to compute required alimony based on a recipient’s budget needs.
  • Alimony vs. Child Support. This allows you to view the tax implications for a set of comparable scenarios.
  • Pension Valuation. This allows you to compute the present value of a defined pension benefit plan.
  • Alimony Buyout. This enables you to compute the present value of a future alimony payment stream, so that you can clearly see the implication of a lump sum payment.
  • Asset/Liability Distribution. This allows you to automate different equitable distribution scenarios.
  • Data Interchange. This allows you to exchange data with the CIS program, and minimize double data entries.


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