Legal Time and Billing Solutions You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!

Where did the time go? Is it really 2012?!

It was just four years ago–2008–that Easy Soft launched Easy TimeBill, a platform which has since revolutionized legal time and billing procedures for thousands of small and mid-sized law firms.

Since then, our legal billing software has rapidly grown and evolved. Today, Easy TimeBill is a distinguished product of choice. Its ease, elegance, and simplicity dovetail nicely with a deep, intuitive understanding of what you need, down to the integration of everything from automated billing to payment reminders to everyone’s favorite: legal trust accounting. On its fourth anniversary, our proud young software is widely employed–and celebrated!–across the nation.

And it’s not just a matter of tooting our horn (although we are very proud!). To our fans and users and prospects, let it be said. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Still to come: a full suite of practice management tools, including an integrated calendar, to-do lists, and even appointment makers.

You see, our philosophy is very simple. We’re intent on giving you features that make sound sense. Email functionality? That’s just silly. Most of you are on Outlook, and the ones who aren’t are likely on Google Apps. So we won’t bother with that.

But wouldn’t it be nice to tick off your tasks, view your week at a glance, and allow your clients to fill your appointment book–all from a program that you hand out in for most of the workday? We thought so. So we’ll be rolling that out, among other things, in 2012.

Hold applause, please. Your patronage suits us fine. To learn more about our legal time and billing software and its integration into trust accounting and other delights of law firm administration, give us a call # (732)-398-1001.

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