Legal Billing Software that Does It All? Easy!


This is what you will be saying out loud to your computer as soon as you install and start using Easy Soft’s Easy TimeBill lawyer billing software.  Our attorney billing software does it all:  time tracking, billing, collections, calendaring, to-do lists, notes, grocery shopping.  Okay, not the grocery shopping.  But the feeling you are going to get will have you thinking that even the grocery shopping must be done, too.

Just imagine getting to the end of your month, pushing a button, and having your client invoices appear courtesy of your attorney billing software.  Daydream?  Reality.

Easy billing starts when you install Easy Soft’s legal billing software in your computer.  The installation takes only minutes, and our technical support operators are standing by, if you need help.  Set yourself up as a timekeeper, including your hourly rate.  Input a client by name and contact information.  Click on new time card, select the client, timekeeper, and task, and then click on the clock to start billing.  Within just a few minutes of the install of our law office billing software, and you’re billing with Easy TimeBill.

And, once you are inputting your time and expenses as you do the work, end of month bills will become as easy as clicking on new invoice.

Supervising billing matters through our legal billing software is as simple as clicking on billing and clicking on automatic reports like timekeeper’s time, client billing balance, and insufficient retainer balance.  Within one month of starting to use our attorney billing software, you can start analyzing your practice habits and profitability.

In the case management section of our law office billing software, you can manage your address book, calendar, task lists, notes, and linked documents.  When you click on the case management task list, you’ll see events organized by due date and client name and matter, as well as to whom the task is assigned to and the status of the assignment.

That’s it.  It is that simple to get started with the attorney billing software that does it all, meaning that the only handwritten item on your desk is going to be that grocery store list.

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