Lawyers Will be Lawyers

We know. You went to school for years, and boast a doctorate behind your name. You contextualize eloquently, and your logic is more or less unflawed.

But when it comes down to it, how is the law really different from other professional practices?

Well, let’s see. You advise clients. So do doctors and accountants.

Second, you collect a retainer, and bill your client according to a pre-arranged plan. Consultants do this, too, as do many technologists.

Third, your brain is your biggest tool—followed closely by your legal software. We can’t list all the professions that can say this.

Fourth, you deal with forms and other paperwork on your clients’ behalf. Yeah…you have our sympathy there (as do CPAs).

But wait. Let’s look closer at the second factor. A legal retainer is different from other professions, in the sense that the money doesn’t belong to you—unless you earn the money.

Until then, you’re just a bailee.

If you’re still using generic software to track your invoicing and payments, then you’re not leveraging technology to your advantage. And you’re probably running the risk of violating a principle that your state bar takes veeeery seriously.

Here at Easy Soft, our legal billing software -Easy TimeBill-is married to our trust accounting software -Easy Trust. What’s a huge effort to some attorneys becomes effortless to our clients.

To be clear: attorney billing software without escrow account software is like watching half a movie. It’s like using a spreadsheet program that doesn’t scale. At all. You’re only looking at one portion of your accounting—and neglecting what’s ethically crucial.

In comes Easy Soft. You collect your retainer, earn it, transfer it from one account (trust or escrow) to the other (operating). Easy TimeBill and Easy Trust track everything—and make sure you’re on the up and up. It reconciles your accounts, too.

Easy? You bet. Is there any alternative? We don’t think so.

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