Law Practice Success Means Looking To the Future

The May/June 2013 edition of Law Practice magazine had an article entitled “Future-Proofing Your Law Firm” that gave some good advice for the modern law practice. We are going to take the key points the writer made and show how they apply to Easy Soft’s legal billing and accounting software.

1) Behave as if it were all about the clients, because it is. This is easy to forget when using the latest computer tools. Technology should give you more time with a client because you can do things more quickly, not put up an impersonal barrier between you and the rest of the world.

2) Ignore technology advances at your peril. Business technology is not about cool gadgets. It’s about productivity. Time and billing software for lawyers simplifies the administrative details and allows you to use your time more efficiently. To quote the article, “…you cannot take 10 or 15 minutes to do something that other lawyers can do in a minute, whether you bill that time or not.”

3) Have a better answer for “What will the total cost be?” You might prefer the billable hour pricing model but clients don’t. They want to know the cost up front. Your office can use time and billing software to analyze expenses and set flat fees that reflect the time you are likely to spend. You can set up both flat fee and billable hour models so you have the flexibility to match your billing to the complexity of a matter.

4) Know your word processor. This doesn’t apply to Easy TimeBill but some of our other law practice management software products include document generation tools.

5) Pay attention! Technology changes quickly and our products change as well. For example our latest generation of attorney time and billing software embraces the cloud computing model that went from an interesting theory to an essential IT model over just a few years.

6) Be both efficient and effective. Our software tools don’t just help you work faster; they help you work better. Use your time more effectively and provide better service to your clients.

7) Growth cannot be infinite. You can’t depend on finding new clients to meet your revenue needs. Instead you can use technology to lower your costs and improve profits without needing to expand.

8) Image isn’t everything, but it is something. Happy clients are free advertising. Use billing software for lawyers to produce high-quality invoices, minimize embarrassing billing errors and present a professional image.

Use technology such as lawyer billing software as part of an overall, future-proofed business model to remain successful today and tomorrow.

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