Law Office Efficiency through Legal Billing Software

Daily workload and office efficiency is always a prime concern when determining if a business is working at its peak potential. If a business is not working efficiently and as a team, this will ultimately cost the business money.

Finding Efficiency through Legal Billing Software

A big part of billing in a law office is related to time spent on a client’s specific legal issue. Often, managing time spent on a client can be a manual and arduous process. As a result, the total amount of time spent on a client may not be properly documented and, ultimately, efficiency is lost. A good option to a manual time management process, however, is utilizing legal billing software for both time and client management.

Regardless of the type of legal billing software in use for maximizing efficiency and potential tracking time spent, it is important the system prove to be user-friendly. Otherwise, employees will spend more time trying to enter information into the system properly, instead of being productive by providing legal assistance to the law firm’s clients.

It is also important that the legal billing software allow for access by multiple users simultaneously. Otherwise, employees will wind up regularly waiting for another employee to exit the system so the next individual can go in and enter their data. A related issue to concurrent legal billing software use is the continuity of integration into the law office’s current network and computer system. If major upgrades are required, or massive changes to workflow are needed, the legal billing software decision will require extra examination to make sure the right system is selected and does not become more cumbersome from a maintenance point of view. While it is important to keep networks and back up systems up to date, if major changes are required, the legal billing software under scrutiny may not be the best option.

Support for Legal Billing Software

Another important concern when using legal billing software is customer and technology support. When any system is new, there is a learning curve. In order to minimize end-user frustration and get employees up to speed on the new system as quickly as possible, user acceptance and system buy-in is key for the entire system’s success. By ensuring proper training and support is made available to the new users, the transition will ultimately be less stressful.

It is without a doubt deciding on a legal billing software system is a major decision for multiple reasons. However, by taking a methodical approach, there will be a greater chance of success.

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