Law Firm Mergers and Acquisitions 101? Be Sure You’re Using Easysoft Legal Software’s Law firm Billing Software

There is an important point to be made on the topic of law office mergers and acquisitions, relating to a firm’s legal billing software and trust accounting.

It’s not just your clients, the courts, and grievance or fee arbitration boards who might look through your billing and trust accounting records.  Some day, it might also be another law firm, in which case, your business practices may translate into material gain, but could equally result in financial loss.

Is an opportunity for the growth of your law firm a time when you want your lack of attorney billing software to jump right out because you supply handwritten time slips plopped into shoe boxes?

The time to think about the power and organization of your law office billing software is today.  Most merger and acquisition inquiries begin with a review of several years of bank records, invoices, and accounts receivables.

The value of your law office is built on a day-to-day basis when you use Easysoft Legal Software’s Time Bill, legal billing software designed exclusively for attorneys and backed by more than 20-years of experience and thousands of users.  When you use our billing software for attorneys, you elevate your billing into effective business records, systematically input to create complete invoices, routinely printed for all clients.  You gain a method for regularly chasing after delinquent accounts and reducing receivables.

When you pair Easy TimeBill with Easy Trust, our attorney trust accounting software, you begin routine balancing of all trust accounts and requesting clients top-up their retainer balances before they fall behind.  And, you gain the ability to assert with confidence that your trust accounting business practices are ethically compliant.

When you use Easysoft Legal Software’s law office billing software and trust accounting software, you also gain a comprehensive system to storing, recalling, and analyzing all of your law office activity.  Both programs offer the ability to prepare invoices, reports, and bank reconciliations as .pdfs, which you can store to your data management server or SAAS vendor.  Plus, both programs allow you to make reprints, if you should be unable to locate your copy or your file.

You might not know today where the road of your law office will go.  But when we’re making it this easy to keep your options open, why would you take another step without us?

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