Is Your Practice Using The Wrong Billing Structure?

Not all cases are created equal, and that means not all legal invoices are created equal. If you want to run the most profitable practice, then you need legal software programs that give you the flexibility you need to bill each client the right way. Easy TimeBill offers a range of billing options that can be customized to your particular practice, or even to each individual client. Here are some of the ways you can bill when using our software:

Hourly – Each person involved with a client’s case is called a Timekeeper by our law practice management software. Timekeepers range from attorneys to paralegals to bookkeepers or any other professional. Each Timekeeper can have up to eight billing rates or you can bill a custom rate for tasks that fall outside of your normal rate structure.

Fixed Fee – Routine tasks like a simple divorce financial settlement are often billed on a flat fee rather than at an hourly rate. When you classify a case as a fixed fee, our law office billing software will ignore any time cards attached to the matter. You will be able to create an invoice for any amount less than or equal to, but not greater than, the specified fee so you can’t accidentally bill the client too much.

Contingency – Once you have a judgment, enter the judgment and the contingency percentage and the law office management software will automatically calculate the amount owed by the client. You will then be able to create invoices up to this amount but no more.

Recurring – Attorneys who provide ongoing service typically charge a periodic fee rather than tracking every hour worked. You can use Easy TimeBill to bill recurring charges by entering the amount and the time period: weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

Product – No time cards or other standard fees will be billed on this case. As noted below, expense cards can be billed.

All of these billing structures also include expense billing. List expenses such as copying, court fees or meal are on an expense card and the law office billing software will automatically include those expenses on any invoices generated.

The Easysoft Legal Software design philosophy has always been that our legal software programs should be flexible enough to adjust to your business model and not the other way around. Contact us to find out more about his this product and our other law office management software can take the drudgery out of your legal practice.

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