Is Your Child Support Software Right For Pennsylvania Divorces?

Child support laws are similar across the country, but each state has its own rules on calculations that can trip up family law attorneys who use generic software. Easysoft Legal Software produces state-specific applications, such as our Pennsylvania child support calculator, which address the unique requirements of each state.

We designed EzSupport-PA to follow Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure Chapter 1910, which are the laws covering PA child support calculation. Special considerations and documentation requirements contained in those rules are automatically included in the preparation of child support forms.

Our Pennsylvania child support calculator figures the child support obligation automatically from data entered regarding each parent’s income, custodial obligation and other factors. If any information is updated, the child support calculator automatically adjusts the child support obligation if necessary. Easysoft Legal Software’s Pennsylvania family law software can handle situations with any level of monthly income and any number of children by using the guidelines laid out in Court Rules 1910.16-3 through 1910.16-4.

According to Pennsylvania child support guidelines, support can be adjusted for a host of other factors in order to come up with an amount that is fair to both parties and, most importantly, ensures the child receives needed care. As in most states there are adjustments for childcare or private school expenses but there are a few adjustments under Pennsylvania law that not all states include.

As an example, under PA child support calculation rules public assistance, Supplemental Security Income and foster care payments for other children are not counted as income in support calculations. However if the child is receiving Social Security benefits due to a parent’s death, disability or retirement, those payments must be included in the income of the custodial parent.

EzSupport-PA covers not only child support calculation but also documentation requirements. For instance, Pennsylvania requires Insurance Certification under Court Rule 1910.27(d). The certification form can be included under Attachments and then printed out as part of the package of PA child support forms.

State-by-state differences in child support rules may be small, but overlooking the details may not get your client the level support allowed under law. Use Easysoft Legal Software’s Pennsylvania family law software to ensure the case is settled fairly.

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