Increasing the Odds of Client Payment through an Easysoft Legal Software Merchant Account

To increase your profits, you need to minimize your non-billable tasks, and that includes chasing clients for payments for work you’ve already performed and billed.

Easysoft Legal Software offers a full suite of payment options to accompany its legal time and billing software, including merchant accounts for credit cards, debit cards, checks, remote check capture and deposit, check guarantee, ACH, electronic funds transfers, and escrow management.

The more payment options you offer to your clients in conjunction with your legal billing software, the more likely the invoice will be promptly paid in full.  By using one vendor for your attorney billing software and client payment options, you are only one click away from getting paid and one phone call away from any needed technical support.

And, as payments come in, Easysoft Legal Software’s attorney billing software will help you stay in compliance with ethical considerations.  As just one example, when a client makes an advance retainer deposit with a credit card, Easysoft Legal Software’s trust accounting software automatically processes the credit card payment into the trust account and debits your operating account for the related merchant fees.  This approach ensures that you place the full amount of the deposit into the escrow account because credit card fees cannot be passed along to a client.  Let Easysoft Legal Software’s legal billing software and trust accounting software give you piece of mind of money in the bank and compliance with standard ethical considerations.

Why not give Easysoft Legal Software a call today to discuss your current merchant account and associated fees and how much Easysoft Legal Software’s electronic payments program will save in money and time?

The only thing we don’t offer to increase for your law office profitability is the winning ticket for the lottery pool.

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