Imagine Legal Software with All-Inclusive Vacations; All-Inclusive Technology

Summertime means vacation time! And with tropical resorts on the brain, you’d probably agree that an all-inclusive holiday goes a long way to taking the guesswork out of your final hotel bill.

That’s why we too are proponents of the all-inclusive plan. All-inclusive software.

Take No-Name software package. The price may be enticing—but what does it include? Are you going to be hiring someone to install it on every workstation, and then bringing on an outsource IT support firm to help you figure out how to navigate your way around? And worrying about whether you have backup systems, and whether your legal software is up to date?

All of Easysoft Legal Software’s many diverse and intelligent programs come with one common trait. Just like that holiday in the Caribbean, we’re all-inclusive, too.

This encompasses:

  • Software Setup . Maybe you can handle your own setup. But you need to set up your new legal software on all of your lawyer and timekeeper workstations. This can get both time-consuming—and expensive.
  • Software Training . With any new software—even software as simple as ours—requires learning the basic functions—including those intended to work together with other software modules (such as the way our law office legal billing software works seamlessly with our trust accounting software). You might learn quickly, but why not get a guided tour to the bells and whistles—those little shortcuts and details that you didn’t know existed until you stumble upon them—much much later?
  • Practice Customization . Customizing your new software to the needs of your office and your practice is crucial. At Easysoft Legal Software, most practice customizations are included, too—so long as they’re a basic part of the program.
  • Regulatory Updates . For lawyers, this is one of the most important pieces of the picture. Our entire software collection is developed by lawyers— for lawyers. So in every state in which we sell software, we scan the legal landscape for changes in laws, shifts in regulations, adjustments which we need to address. For example, our Easy HUD software conforms to the latest RESPA requirements for real estate closings . Easy TimeBill and Easy Trust adheres to state-specific ethical requirements. And so forth.
  • Technology Upgrades . Then there are the everyday technology upgrades we make to our software on a regular basis—to keep it streamlined, powerful, and efficient. For example, we’ve just launched a new line of family law software mobile apps. It’s free to all subscribers—and makes every software feature available to our users while you’re on the go.

The only thing we leave out of our legal software packages? The tanning lotion.

To learn more about our all-inclusive software, call Easysoft Legal Software at 800 905 7638.

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