I See You Through the Network of Law Office Billing Software

Easysoft Legal Software TimeBill is all the legal billing software your law firm will need.  From individual password log-in to individual billing rates to automated finance charges on past-due accounts, Easysoft Legal Software designs legal software specifically for attorneys and their staff.

Just one of the key features of the Easysoft Legal Software attorney billing software is its network capability.  Within the law office environment, networking is critical for efficient and timely task completion.  Computer server technology allows attorneys on different floors and in different buildings to communicate with each other concerning client matters.  Our law office software has also developed to the point that an entire law firm can use one program linked in to one database that serves as a network for all of the billing activity of the entire firm.

For the manager of law office billing, the permissions for the network settings within Easysoft Legal Software legal billing software allow him or her to see every member of the firm.  Is the new associate properly entering time upon return from court?  Is the seasoned paralegal using routines within the law firm billing software for daily time and expense entry that will minimize omissions and maximize profitability?

With Easysoft Legal Software law office billing software you can also limit the permissions of what data is available on a person-by-person basis.  Particularly if you are using the billing software in connection with the trust accounting software, you can limit what is seen on the screens of associates and support staff.  Our billing software can put everyone in the firm on the same system, but allow for added confidentialities when and how you find appropriate.

All of our Easysoft Legal Software legal software products are network capable, and programs like Easy HUD allow various members on the closing team to input information as it becomes available, sharing the work through the development process to the printing of even the HUD-1.  And, all of our products have free trial down loads and a 30-day money back guarantee.

When Easysoft Legal Software law office billing software is part of your firm’s work environment, you take advantage of what network technology offers to add value to your bottom line.  Why not watch a ten minute video on our Easysoft Legal Software website to gain an introduction into the network and other features of our product?  The download of the free trial takes only a few more minutes.

Just think, with your selection Easysoft Legal Software network-capable legal software, within about fifteen minutes, you could be on your way to Easy Street.

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