How to Win Over Your Most Stubborn Adversary: Your Client

Sometimes it would be nice if divorce cases didn’t involve those pesky clients. Every family law attorney has had them — those utterly unreasonable clients who would rather fritter away the couple’s entire net worth on legal fees rather than budge on who gets to keep the silverware. Sometimes you can talk your client into being more reasonable but other times you need the objectivity of divorce settlement software to make your point.

Advise Your Client

Your job is not just to fill out paperwork, nor is it just to argue with the opposing attorney. Your job is to best represent your client’s interests, which can be difficult if your client is working against that because of anger or a need for revenge. It’s important to get your client to understand that divorce is not about punishing or winning. It’s about starting a new life.

Clients should try to remove emotion from the negotiation and that includes both anger at the partner’s actions and guilt about one’s own actions. If the client can sit down and calmly make a list of what is really desired from the divorce that will go a long way to helping the client agree to and secure a fair settlement. Spending months fighting over something trivial hurts everyone, while finalizing the divorce allows the client to start anew sooner rather than later.

Make Your Point with Software

One method of removing the acrimony from the situation is to reduce it to numerical analysis. Divorce Financials, Easysoft Legal Software’s divorce software for attorneys, includes a number of powerful analytical tools that help family law attorneys put a price on the couple’s assets as well as determining a fair and equitable support agreement. Being able to back up your assertions with cold, hard facts will go a long way to helping you show your client this is the best offer you can reasonably hope for.

Of course Divorce Financials also helps you with the opposing attorney for much the same reason. Being able to support your settlement offer with analysis puts you in a stronger bargaining position, especially if the case goes before a judge.

You are still going to have those unreasonable clients but if you have the patience to talk them down and the family law software to make your point, then you will have a far better chance of turning a difficult divorce into an easy one.

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