How Generating Automatic Financial Affidavits Makes Life Easy (And Accurate) for Arizona State Divorce Lawyers

In April, 2011, Easy Soft unrolled Arizona divorce law software.

EzSupport-AZ leverages technology to help Arizona State divorce attorneys generate complex worksheets and financial calculations, prepare Arizona family law forms (including customizations), and more.

As with all of our software, we first focus on collecting your case data. Then, the software leverages that data for any purpose that serves your client and his or her case—whether it’s generating Arizona financial affidavits, evaluating a settlement offer, figuring out child support payments, or something as complex as the future value of pensions.

With EzSupport-AZ, you never have to pick up a calculator, or create an Excel spreadsheet. Our software functions like an AZ support calculator, collating and automating data where you need it most.

Not only is this a major convenience for our clients, it reduces the chances of human error. It performs your calculations accurately and systematically—so you can focus less on the math, and more on what you’re trained to do: advocate and negotiate the best deal for your client.

Though our family law software products, the financial questions that can be resolved—accurately and painlessly – are numerous, and include:

  • The value of multiple child and spousal support scenarios
  • Temporary child and spousal support payments
  • The present value of alimony payments
  • The value of enhanced earnings
  • The amount of net disposable income
  • The value of buy-out options
  • The present value of pensions
  • Many, many more

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