Get Your Bills to Talk to You

In recent posts, we’ve talked about how our legal time and billing software helps you get your invoices out, send reminders (if necessary), and get paid.

What we haven’t discussed is an ancillary – but critical – function of our law firm billing software. This function isn’t focused on the client: it’s focused on your business, and on enhancing your firm’s overall bottom line.

The function is analytic. You see, in any billing system, there are multiple parties. The first is your client. The second consists of your Timekeepers (attorneys, paralegals, secretaries). The third are vendors (in Easy TimeBill, we refer to these as “Payees”): expert witnesses, delivery services, contract attorneys, process servers, etc. The fourth are Matter Owners, or the partner or lawyer that oversees any given client or matter.

These parties create different data points, and as with all software, the data can then serve your business, rather than function as a one – way street.

For Timekeepers, yearly compensation is often tied to performance records. And in a law firm, there’s no better way to track performance than with billable hours. Timekeepers and managers alike can print out reports of their hours in any given month, quarter or year, and figure out whether they’re staying productive and on-target.

For Matter Owners, Easy TimeBill can retrieve matter reports. These both filter out other attorneys’ matters, and provide information points – at a glance. Matter Owners can quickly see whether their matters have been profitable, whether clients are paying their bills on time, whether they are staying within budget parameters, and so forth.

What these reports avoid? The need to migrate to another law firm billing software product six months down the road.

To retrieve data, download our law office billing software, and click on “Reports” in the left-hand column. For more information, call Easysoft Legal Software at 800.905.7638.

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