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As a leader in legal software and technology products, we are pleased to offer our new family law smartphone app ( m EasySoft) – it’s free.

Divorce settlement calculations and the practice of family law go hand in hand, yet you cannot have a desktop program in front of you when you are having lunch with a client, are in chambers with the judge or are negotiating with opposing counsel.

The good news is that Easysoft Legal Software, a leading legal software provider based in NJ has combined their family law expertise with smartphone technology to change how attorneys take care of business. Now, with divorce settlement tools in your pocket, you can cut down on arguments and get both parties on same page, quickly —anytime and anywhere you smartphone/iPAD has access to the internet.

Easysoft Legal Software’s smartphone app has a robust set of divorce settlement calculators such as Alimony Buyout or Present Value, Alimony Recapture. App also has NJ and NY state specific child/spousal support calculators. One can also email calculations from the m EasySoft app.

m EasySoft supports most mobile platforms. iPhone/iPAD/Android versions are available now. The version for Blackberry will be released very soon. For more information about the app and download instructions, visit:

Learn more and install the exciting new smartphone app today —it’s free!

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