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James Bond.  Now there’s someone with universal appeal and an Aston Martin to boot.

Not all data is meant to be seen by all eyes within the same law office.  Billing entries.  Bank account information.  And client escrow transactions.  Each of these sensitive areas are ones that need to be controlled through management “permissions” granted to those who have access to legal billing software.

You don’t need 007 when you have Easysoft Legal Software to help you keep billing information all in one program database, but viewable only to approved eyes.

With our legal billing software, “Easy TimeBill,” you can set the permissions for each person in the office you authorize to use this attorney billing software.  You can limit a paralegal to view only her own entries.  You can authorize an associate to view his own entries and that of her paralegal, in order to perform appropriate mid-level management functions.  You can assign a section partner to view her own group in Litigation while staying out of Family Law.

Easy TimeBill legal software allows you to set up a unique user name and password for each person in your office who has permission to use this legal software.  For each new time or expense entry, the user identifies the timekeeper by selecting from a drop-down list of authorized billers.

Perhaps more importantly, you can set permissions on who within the firm has permission to write checks and view bank account information in Easysoft Legal Software’s legal billing software.  Set up a user with “time entry only” permissions, and that user cannot see any sensitive financial information relative to clients and bank accounts.

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