For AZ Family Lawyers: The Benefits of Easy Technology

Here at Easy Soft, we think: why reinvent the wheel? It’s pleasingly round; it rolls smoothly; people seem to like it; it doesn’t even need petrol.

That’s why all of our software captures your client’s case data at the beginning of your engagement-and leaves it there.

That’s why EzSupport-AZ – which launched in May – takes your clients’ data and integrates it into all of the ensuing legal forms, correspondence, and financial statements including-most crucially for AZ divorce settlements-your child support calculations. EzSupport-AZ is Arizona divorce law software designed for divorce lawyers-not CPAs or tax attorneys.

Coupled with Easy Soft’s Divorce Financials software (which tax optimizes divorce settlements, among other things), Arizona divorce lawyers get every tool they need for their AZ child support calculations. The software provides:

  • Ease: Divorce calculations are complicated. Even if you’re a math genius, computations for base figures—such as net disposable income or assets & liabilities distribution—can make your head spin. EzSupport-AZ generates automated Affidavits of Financial Information, and other worksheets—making complex calculations not only doable, but also easy. Enter the information—and let our Arizona-specific software do the heavy lifting.
  • Accuracy : Because the software extracts the raw data from the same original source, and performs foolproof calculations from built-in formulas, the only error relates to faulty data entry, recall, etc. Enter your figures right the first time, and you’ll never have to worry about faulty math or error-prone data transfers.
  • Flexibility: The software adjusts support calculations for diverse custody arrangements, multiple family permutations, excess mortgages, multiple homes and other assets, and the like.
  • Abundance: EzSupport-AZ provides document automation capabilities for Arizona family law forms, too. These can include pleadings, worksheets, correspondence , and other standard forms: an all-in-one kit for your family law practice—no matter how complex the case.
  • Results : Properly planned divorce settlements result in higher net incomes for both parties—and lower tax liabilities. That means that your clients walk away happier—and wealthier, too.

Our easy-to-use, well reviewed and popular family law software makes it easy to get clients, and help them anytime, and anywhere.

To learn more about our divorce software for attorneys, call Easy Soft at 800 905 7638.

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