Fast and Simple Lifestyle Analysis Using Divorce Settlement Software

The universal law in spousal support determination: the payor thinks any amount is too much and the payee thinks it’s not enough. Attorneys in the past have hired accountants to slog through client financial records to determine what is fair, but Easy Soft’s divorce settlement software, Divorce Financials, makes the process much easier.

The Old Way

The traditional method of lifestyle analysis is to go through the couple’s bank records for a period of three or more years. Accountants go through piles of statements, look at every cent made or spent, divide it out into categories and prepare reports showing how much each spouse needs and how much each can afford to pay. In the very old days they did this with a pen, a sheet of paper and an adding machine. Needless to say this process was slow, cumbersome and prone to errors.

Computer helped speed up this process. Accountants could use spreadsheets or generic bookkeeping software to analyze the situation more quickly. However although these tools speed up the math, they don’t provide an objective presentation of information. Differences in analysis by each attorney mean very different conclusions on each side, and long battles in court to find a fair alimony amount. Rather than using general accounting tools, family law attorneys need specialized software.

The New Way

Modern attorneys use dedicated divorce legal software rather than generic tools. These products provide a more uniform presentation of information, so each attorney involved arrives at the same answer. This minimizes disagreements and makes it easier to determine alimony. Payments can be based on the real income and real expenses the couple has gone through over their marriage.

Lifestyle analysis with divorce planning software is easy. The couple provides at least three years of bank and credit card statements. Attorneys, or more likely their paralegals, enter all transactions into the software. Each transaction is put into a category such as food or housing, or marked as a non-recurring expense. Users can spot discrepancies easily and produce high-quality financial statements that will stand up in court. Best of all, the practice can avoid the expense of hiring an outside accountant.

Find out how easy attorney practice management software makes the modern practice of law. Download a free divorce software demo and try out the features for yourself. You’ll wonder how you got along without it all this time.

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