Family Law Practice Automation Webinar – Free Webinar for Pennsylvania Law Firms

Pennsylvania family law attorneys must be adept at many intricate support and settlement related financial calculations to help clients reach optimum divorce settlements. State guidelines are intricate and are comprised of numerous calculations and adjustments (e.g. multiple family, excess mortgage, shared custody, custodial parent paid alimony, etc.).

Additionally, family law practice requires production of many standard forms (such as income/expense statements) and correspondence documents (letters, complaints, responses, counterclaims, etc).

Regardless of whether you are a novice or an expert on the above topics, this 60-minute free webinar will provide a wealth of information that will assist you in arriving at better divorce settlements for your clients and more efficient office operations. The hands-on webinar will show you how you:

  • How to efficiently collect and enter case data.
  • How to prepare support worksheets systematically and accurately.
  • How to prepare multiple worksheet scenarios and locate best option for your client.
  • How to organize and produce all required family forms at one place and from one set of data.
  • How to perform common divorce settlement related calculations such as:
  • Compute net disposable income for both parties for variety of spousal/child support scenarios.
  • Compute required alimony based on recipient’s budget needs.
  • Determine alimony-child support tradeoffs to locate a better tax optimized settlement option.
  • Distribute assets and liabilities efficiently.
  • Compute present value of the alimony and propose buyout options.
  • Compute present value of a defined pension benefit and propose buyout options.
  • Analyze lifestyle based on historic income/expenditure and determine a party’s financial ability or need.

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