EzSupport-PA – The Story Behind Our Newest Pennsylvania Family Law Software

EasySoft family law software—including Divorce Financials, Case Information Statement and FamilyDocs—are gold standards for New Jersey divorce lawyers.

When we created EzSupport-PA, we wanted to not only replicate the value proposition we provided in New Jersey—but also to increase it. So we looked for two things.

We looked for states whose child and spousal support formulas were—like NJ’s—complex.

We also looked for states in which the array of divorce law software presented only a partial solution—not the comprehensive solution that family lawyers (especially smaller firms) really need. One solution might provide for automated calculations—but not forms automation. Another solution might furnish forms—but no calculations. In the states with complex calculations, we knew there would be a need and an appreciation for the kind of software we envisioned for family lawyers.

The state we chose was Pennsylvania. As with New Jersey, the child and spousal support calculations in PA are mind-bogglingly complex—and require specialized training to grasp and complete.

We seized on new PA divorce law software as an opportunity to create even more value, and provide not just a Pennsylvania support calculator—but PA family law forms, too.

For each case, from form to form, what information remains the same? The answer is income. County of residence. Children’s names and ages. Second home data, etc.

With our new PA divorce law software, all of this case data is captured at the outset. So it makes sense to use the captured data to generate a comprehensive suite of case-specific documents—documents whose format is case-specific, and court-approved.

In addition, Easy Soft’s EzSupport- PA includes technical support, training services, educational support, and practice customizations that demonstrate we don’t believe in add-on fees. Please look for our next blog posts for details as to why.

Our state family law software is founded on the premise that maximum value contributes to happy lawyers.

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