Enterprise Or Standard: Which Easy TimeBill Licensing Option Is Best For Your Practice?

Easysoft Legal Software’s Easy TimeBill software provides a host of tools essential to running a modern legal firm, including time tracking, invoice generation and task management. The law office billing software is network ready and can be accessed by multiples users. Each user needs a license and that is why we offer two licensing options: standard and enterprise.

The standard licensing scheme for the law office billing software allows one copy of the software to be installed for each license purchased. The Enterprise Version of the law office billing software is a centralized better suited for organizations with many users, but it requires the practice to handle some of the IT aspects associated with the software.

The Enterprise Version of the law office billing software offers better security because it gives you full control over who has access to the central database. The centralized database organization means users will be able to access information more quickly than they would when using the standard version.

On the other hand the law office billing software Enterprise Version isn’t for everyone. Micro practices that require only one or two licenses would not find it cost effective to purchase the Enterprise Version. Your office needs to have the knowhow to run your own SQL server to manage the billing database.

So which version is right for you? For some practices this question has an easy answer. Small offices without dedicated IT departments would be better off with our standard law office billing software. Very large law firms that are already administering their own datacenters or who have contracted out IT services to a third-party firm should opt for the Enterprise Version.

It’s a more difficult choice for the many law offices that fall in the middle. For example a practice with a half-dozen lawyers who has some IT guy who knows a few things will have to consider the choices carefully. From a pricing point of view, the more users you have the more sense it will make to go with the Enterprise Version of the law office billing software but IT knowledge is also important. Does your IT person know how to run an SQL server or at least is willing to learn? Is your datacenter set up to run SQL?

Contact Easysoft Legal Software for advice as to whether the Enterprise Version of our law office billing software is the right option for your practice. With over twenty years of experience providing the best legal software to attorneys’ offices, we have the technical knowledge to help you make the right choice for your business.

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