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When you make an error in your billing entry or on a client invoice, how quickly can you correct it?  If your answer is more than five minutes, it’s time for you to switch to Easysoft Legal Software’s “Easy TimeBill” legal billing software.  As we like to say:  to err is human, to correct requires Easy!

With Easysoft Legal Software’s attorney billing software, you can correct errors in seconds.  If you see a typographical error in a word you input in a recent entry, simply click on the time card, go into the field containing the error, and type the correction.  As a more serious and potentially pervasive problem, if you see that the wrong billing rate has been set up for a client in your law firm billing software, simply go into the client set-up screen and edit the hourly rate to be applied, so that our software can instantly revise all associated calculations.

When you create an invoice with Easy TimeBill law office billing software, you select the client and the range of dates, and print the invoice.  Once you create and print the invoice through the legal software, our program will change the billable time and expense entries to “billed” and will grey-scale those entries.  Through this process, Easy TimeBill wards off further edits to time and expenses already billed to a client.

Our legal software also contains fail-safe measures.  If you make a determination that an edit needs to be made to an invoice that has already been printed, you can reverse the invoice back to pending status, make the necessary edits, and create a new invoice.  In the alternative, you can make a new time or expense entry with a description of the adjustment being made, which will be printed during the next billing cycle.  Either way, it’s as user-friendly as law office software can be.

Whether you’re using Easysoft Legal Software’s legal billing software or any of Easysoft Legal Software’s other programs, you’ll get that same ease of use and editing.  And, if you run into a mistake that you just can’t seem to correct, all of our Easysoft Legal Software products come with 1-year of free technical assistance provided by live operators.  We are dedicated to the technical programming of legal software, so you’d have to be.  Our company name is Easysoft Legal Software for a reason.

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