Don’t Let Winter Storms Slow Down Your Law Practice

This winter has been tough on many parts of the US, including Northeast and specifically the New England area. One of our customers reported that after the last storm there was eight feet of snow on the ground and he couldn’t get to his office. He was still able to handle his practice from home because he was using a cloud-based version of his Easysoft Legal Software software.

Work From Anywhere With The Cloud

All of our products such as Easy HUD real estate settlement software and Divorce Financials family law software come in both cloud and desktop versions. Most of our customers prefer the flexibility and mobility of the cloud versions. When you work in the cloud, you can work from anywhere with an internet connection including your home, a client’s office, the airport or the local coffee shop.

Easysoft Legal Software’s cloud-based products use the latest security technology to ensure only authorized users get access and nobody can eavesdrop on your transactions. Your information is stored in professionally managed US-based datacenters that automatically back up your files every day. All authorized users have access to the same client files so you don’t have to worry about different people working on different versions of a matter.

Work In Any Weather

With cloud-based software you don’t have to be in your office to run your practice. Blizzards, floods, power outages, traffic jams and the zombie apocalypse aren’t enough to stop you from taking care of your clients. You get full access to all the features of Easysoft Legal Software products from any location. You can produce closing statements, divorce property division calculations or tax-optimized alimony settlements from the comfort of your own home while other attorneys are shoveling their driveways hoping to brave the icy roads.

Timeliness is critical in many legal matters, and inclement weather is not an excuse most judges or clients will accept. A modern law practice needs to be able to operate in any conditions, and Easysoft Legal Software cloud-based solutions give you that flexibility.

If you are currently using desktop versions of Easysoft Legal Software products, we can help you move your practice to the cloud and you’ll find the cloud software works exactly the same as the desktop version you are familiar with. If you aren’t an Easysoft Legal Software customer, now is a good time to try our cloud-based real estate and divorce software for attorneys. Or if you prefer traditional software applications, we will continue to support our desktop products for the foreseeable future.

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