Divorce Settlement Tip Number Nine nine: Perform a Lifestyle Analysis on High Net Worth Clients

In Divorce Settlement Tip #2, we discussed how you always have to work backward from each party’s needs. As we mentioned then, “need” is synonymous with “budget”—and the best, quickest, most painless way to a settlement was to look at the budget for each party, not just your client.

Nowhere is this more true than with your high net worth clients. For these clients, you need to perform a Lifestyle Analysis to figure out how to replicate their marital lifestyle.

Good thing Easysoft Legal Software’s Divorce Financials software can expedite this every time.

With Divorce Financials, there’s no need to add messy additional pages to the asset or expense tally – or even to break out the calculator.

The software allows you to tally an unlimited number of expenses, assets, income and liabilities.  To wit, you can add each of the following – in infinite quantity:

  • Homes. The software allows you to add a number of vacation homes to your tally.
  • Other assets. Add cars, boats, jewelry, and more.
  • Businesses. The software will itemize everything from capitalization to income.
  • Bank accounts—both checking and savings.
  • Expenses. Itemized for each party among different needs, such as children, stepchildren, cars, etc.
  • And more.

These easy expansions cover the wealthiest clients—or those with the most extensive obligations.

Our easy-to-use, well reviewed and popular family law software makes it easy to figure out what each party needs—and work backwards from there.

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