Divorce Settlement Tip #7: Making Sure "Equitable" Means "Equitable"

She wants the jewelry and the house. He wants the summer home and the cars.

But she wants the SUV…and he can have the BMW. But about the vintage stamp collection…

This is the sort of back-and-forth negotiating that can drive a divorce attorney mad.

It’s not that you don’t want your client to get what he or she prefers. It’s just that any change in the distribution of assets and liabilities upsets the delicate, apple-cart balancing act that you’re trying to accomplish—and requires laborious re-calculation.

Most of all, you hate math.

That’s where Easysoft Legal Software’s Divorce Financials software comes in. It helps you to effectuate your parties’ distribution of assets, liabilities, and other illiquid possessions.

Divorce Financials helps you to keep an eye on the bottom line. The software reminds you what the kitty is worth at all times, and what portion your client is claiming or defending.

It gives you an instantaneous snapshot of assets and liabilities. And then, when the negotiations change course (on a dime), it can generate another snapshot—and easily see the surplus and shortfall figures.

Just think of Easysoft Legal Software’s Divorce Financials as a digital camera for your divorce settlement needs!

Our easy-to-use, well reviewed and popular family law software makes it easy for you to provide advice and solutions. It’s more than a tool: it’s a platform on which to market your services—and to deliver better advice to your clients, without having to perform tedious math.

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