Divorce Financials with 2011 Tax Changes Is Now Available

For U.S. divorce attorneys: we’ve updated Divorce Financials to account for 2011 tax changes.

Don’t worry: you still get child support-alimony tax tradeoff analyses, pension worksheets, and other customizable worksheets, forms, and guidelines.

You’re still entitled to download mEasySoft, our companion mobile app for your Smartphones and tablet computers. For free.

Our latest change? We’re unveiling Divorce Financials 3.0: with 2011 tax changes.

What this means:

  • You get a new combined (federal and state) 2011 tax table to reference through your divorce settlement negotiations.
  • While selecting the number of dependents, our family law software will prompt you to enter child tax credits (if any). It’ll then provide the selected tax year’s available credit amounts.
  • As part of Alimony-Child Support Tradeoff Analysis, you can now keep the child support amount fixed, and hypothesize different alimony values. This is an excellent tool for cases in which the parties have already agreed on child support, and are looking to discover alimony or spousal maintenance values, i.e. high income cases.
  • New York attorneys : If you select your client’s tax filing state as “NYC”, our family law software will combine NY state and city resident tax rates for state taxes. This eliminates the need to account separately for city and state tax in New York.
  • New Jersey attorneys : The child support calculation engine has been updated to account for:
  • Equal parenting adjustments (per Deffler v. Deffler)
  • Healthcare and child care expenses
  • The Self-Support Reserve/Poverty reserve test, and guideline amounts

Easy? You bet.

Easysoft Legal Software’s Divorce Financials software is used throughout the country by law firms, state agencies (such as legal services), law schools and paralegal programs.

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