Determining Lifestyle Using Divorce Planning Software

Divorce Financials includes a lifestyle analysis tool to assist in determining reasonable spousal and child support. However if all divorces were simple formulas then there would be no need for family law attorneys. Extenuating circumstances may require attorneys to be creative with the divorce legal software to come up with a fairer support agreement.

Basic Lifestyle Analysis

The basic concept of lifestyle analysis is simple: support should be based on the lifestyle the payee experienced, not necessarily the lifestyle desired by either party. To avoid the “he said, she said” common in divorce negotiations, attorneys examine the couple’s actual financial expenses to determine the marital lifestyle.

In theory this means the attorney enters information from the couple’s bank and credit card statement from the last few years into Divorce Financials settlement statement software, generates an analysis report and from this determines what a fair support amount would be. However not all divorces are so simple.

Mitigating Factors

One common problem is when the couple has experienced significant financial changes over the last few years. Say the couple scrimped while the husband was in college, he graduated and got a great job, and then divorced the wife. Should she receive alimony based on the standard of a struggling college student? On the other hand, maybe the husband was laid off and was forced to take a job making half what he was before. Is it fair to him to saddle him with a huge alimony check that he can’t pay? (In the spirit of gender neutrality, feel free to swap the husband and wife in the preceding scenarios.)

Attorneys can try different analyses in the divorce software in an effort to come up with a support scenario that reflects each spouse’s past, present and future lifestyle. The goal is to come up with a compromise that is fair to the client and acceptable to the other spouse. If the case goes to court, then it’s often anyone’s guess how a judge will rule but the more analysis an attorney can show, the more likely the judge will rule in that client’s favor.

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