Customized Invoices through Legal Billing Software

Quite possibly, the most important part of utilizing legal billing software is handling invoicing. In order to provide a professional looking invoice, as well as an accurate invoice, the legal billing software in use should be able to provide customization options so the law office can send out exactly what is required.

Legal Billing Software Invoicing

In many different types of businesses, one type of invoice will often meet the company’s needs. However, because a law office can provide different levels of service at not only different rates, but in extremely specific ways, it is important that the invoice produced by the legal billing software reflects exactly what type of service was provided. For example, some may work on a retainer system. The invoice for that client will look different than a client’s invoice who works on a “per hour” basis. Additionally, different attorneys may bill out at different rates, depending on experience, history at the law office and so on. As a result, the law office’s legal billing software will need to adjust accordingly in order to provide the correct type of invoice for each individual client.

Additionally, the invoice received by a client should clearly state what was completed, the rate at which the client was charged and if other charges are overdue. If the client is working off of a retainer, the invoice should document how much was charged back to the retainer and how much of the retainer remains available. A client will want to completely understand what they were billed for and how their legal issue was handled. When an invoice is complete and easy to understand, there will be a reduced number of calls to the law office with these types of questions.

Legal Billing Software

In the end, the legal billing software a law office decides to use must be adaptable. It should be able to be customized by those charged with sending invoices and receiving payments. If a system is rigid, it will ultimately not just hurt office efficiency, but hurt a law office’s ability to be profitable.

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