Customized Documents Because Every Divorce Is Special

State governments want to put everyone into convenient little boxes so they can easily process any family law forms. Family law attorneys know it’s not that simple. Each divorce has unique features that distinguish it from every other case the practice handles. There are provisions within the law to customize government forms to fit the particulars of a New York state uncontested divorce but not all software is as flexible as attorneys need it to be.

EzSupport-NY comes with a full array of state form templates that automatically extract information from the case file so the data doesn’t have to be entered by hand. Information such as the names of the parties, custody designation and New York State spousal support amounts are automatically pulled from the case file and entered into the form. Any fields that cannot be automatically completed are highlighted in yellow on the screen so the attorney can easily locate and provide any missing facts and figures before the document is printed out.

The paperwork needed for a divorce doesn’t end with forms filed with the state of New York. With our software, attorneys can also print documents such as a case summary that includes all information relevant to the divorce settlement agreement. Tracking the details associated with a case can be intimidating but the task is made much easier when the information can be easily organized and printed out.

The templates included in the divorce settlement software are designed to be easy to use by even the most inexperienced family law attorneys. However those lawyers who have been handling divorces for a number of years have their own way of doing things and don’t want to be tied down to rigid templates. That’s why we include the ability to customize existing templates or to create your own from scratch. The easy-to-understand field codes allow even non-technical users to quickly create documents that will automatically complete themselves as information is entered into the case file. You can even edit finished documents directly before printing them out.

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