Credit Card Payment Solutions for Lawyers

When you open a law firm merchant account, your clients are poised to pay you faster and with less effort on your part (and theirs). But that’s not all:

  • Direct Payments to Escrow and Trust Accounts. Because we are law firm specialists, and leading providers of law firm billing software and trust accounting software, we’ll also help you set up secure payments to your escrow and trust accounts. We’ll set it up with your operating account—so that it works in tandem with your trust account, and ensures you’re managing your clients’ funds correctly. Not all credit card processors understand law firm compliance requirements. We practically wrote the book!
  • “Real Time” Reporting. Use your desktop or laptop to accept credit or debit card payments, and reap the benefits of “real-time” electronic reporting for optimal accounting reconciliation.

Improved Client Acquisition and Retention. An online credit card payment option allows clients to make timely legal fee payments or fund escrow accounts without dipping into their investments.

For more than 25 years, Easysoft Legal Software has worked with thousands of law firms, helping them leverage technology to comply with regulations and streamline their payment systems.

Put specialized payment technology to work for your law firm today. Give your clients more payment options with the exclusive Easysoft Legal Software Payment Acceptance Program, and you’ll increase your cash flow, reduce outstanding receivables, and eliminate the frustration of collection efforts.

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