Cloud Software: The Better Choice For Non-Nerds

Over our twenty years of business we’ve seen computer operating systems and software become friendlier to the people out there who don’t have Computer Science degrees. Unfortunately you still need some technical know how–or access to someone with know how–to install, update and maintain software. That has been a limiting factor for many legal practices who want to adopt legal practice management software.

Easysoft Legal Software’s desktop software has been designed from the ground up not to require a lot of technical knowledge. The whole point of products such as our Case Information Statement software is to allow attorneys to focus on the law and not on trivial clerical details, and not on trivial computer details. However you still need to be able to handle a few tasks like installing updates, maintaining system security and backing up your data. We understand that many of our clients find even these chores to be intimidating.

This was part of the reason we decided to release a cloud version of the New Jersey CIS form. Using the cloud version means we take over most of the technical details so you don’t have to. Your information is stored in dedicated data centers employing a team of IT professionals that ensure your software is always up to date, your data is safe from unauthorized access, and your files are regularly backed up.

To use the cloud-based Case Information Statement you log in to your online account from any web-capable device. This means you can access your information from any computer in your office or home, or even from iPads or other tablets. If your office is a mix of PCs and Macs you don’t have to worry about buying two versions of the software because the cloud version works with both.

Although our emphasis is on the cloud version, Easysoft Legal Software continues to offer full support and development of our desktop Case Information Statement NJ software. We know some of our clients prefer handling the technical side of maintaining a desktop version and we are happy to accommodate them as well.

Contact Easysoft Legal Software at 800-905-7638 to find out more about how our cloud-based products are easy even for the most non-technical lawyers to use.

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