Cloud-Based Software Protects Your Clients From Identity Theft

Attorneys are privy to sensitive client information and have an obligation to protect that information from theft. Failing to do so is not only a great disservice to your clients, but can get your firm into a serious liability situation. Modern cloud-based billing software for lawyers makes it easier than ever to protect your client files.

Do you still lug around a briefcase full of paper files? If a thief steals that case then all that information has now gone public. Client financial records, Social Security numbers, home addresses, asset reports are now in the hands of criminals and could lead to problems from identity theft to home invasion. And, no, that flimsy little lock on your briefcase isn’t going to slow down the thieves at all.

Many attorneys use electronic files feeling they are safer, and in many cases they are. These lawyers carry laptops running legal billing and accounting software that also indexes all case documents. The laptop is password protected so it’s all safe, right? Well no. The documents are on the hard drive and all a criminal has to do is open the laptop case, pull the hard drive and plug it into another computer to get to all your files. Even if the original thief doesn’t know how to do this, what about the guy who buys the laptop after the criminal pawns it?

The best way to protect your clients’ sensitive information is to use cloud-based attorney time and billing software. Files relevant to each matter are not stored on the local computer but rather on heavily protected remote servers. Even if someone steals your laptop, there is no compromising information on the hard drive. You’ve lost a piece of equipment but not any information. You can take cloud security one step further by changing your account password after your laptop or tablet is stolen, or even closing that account and opening a new one.

Lawyer billing software isn’t just for simple time tracking, automated billing, conflict checking and bank reconciliation. It also provides valuable security features that protect your client–and your practice–from the dangers of identity theft.

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