Client Retainer Checks: Do you have a Ready-Made Procedures that Works?

Every law firm tries to keep its trust books clean and accurate. But it either fails, or it spends significant time and resources on a standard process that should be simple, streamlined, and utterly straightforward.

Take the retainer check. Retainers are the lifeblood of your business. They infuse your firm with much-needed cash flow- and signify a client’s trust and commitment in you.

But as you well know, client retainers require special treatment. For one matter, you might need to make an initial deposit to a trust account , and transfer balances as fees are earned. This alone will complicate your back office operation significantly if your billing system isn’t capable of taking care of it.

Another trip-up point is this: you’ve got to show a client’s remaining retainer balance on his or her invoice.

If your system provides integrated billing and trust bookkeeping, you’ve won the battle against trust fund tracking. This can work to prevent common trust errors (e.g. ledger card overdraft), and provide a bank reconciliation tool and three-way reconciliation reports.

Easy Soft’s Easy Trust software does just this. And it does it in conjunction with Easy TimeBill—our ethically compliant legal billing software. This makes the trust accounting process seamless and effortless - once you set everything up.

As you consider your trust accounting obligations, know that we’re rooting for you to win. And so is our software: specifically designed to make your operations compliant, efficient, and pain-free.

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