CIS And Divorce Financials Working Together For Faster Settlements

Family law attorneys use different software tools for specific reasons and ideally all of these tools talk to each other to ensure that every tool is working from the same data. Easysoft Legal Software’s attorney practice management software products are designed to work together to present a coordinated suite of tools for today’s law practices.

Divorce Financials and Case Information Statement (CIS) are two examples of this partnership. CIS is our case information statement software package built to facilitate divorces in the state of New Jersey. The application allows attorneys to quickly and easily enter information on a case and produce a New Jersey CIS form that meets state divorce regulations. However there is more to coming up with a settlement than simply plugging numbers into a form.

Each party in a divorce wants what’s theirs, but each probably disagrees on what that really means. And even if it is an amicable divorce where property settlement is fairly straightforward, there are likely to be negotiations about who gets the house or how to divide up the pension or what a fair level of child support is. There may be multiple scenarios, all of which are “fair” but not all of which are equally attractive.

Divorce Financials allow attorneys to examine multiple maintenance and child support scenarios to see how they affect each party’s taxes. Assets can be divided up equally, using some assets to offset others. For example the custodial parent typically keeps the house, but that means the non-custodial parent must be reimbursed for their part of the property ownership by using other assets, such as a car or savings account, to compensate.

Divorce Financials and Case Information Statement work together by using different sections of the same save file. Open the file in Divorce Financials and you will see different information than if you open it in CIS. Changes made in one tool, when saved to the file, will affect information displayed in the other.

Termination of a marriage is never easy but the process can be facilitated by cutting to the heart of negotiations to find a fair solution. Take the stress out of New Jersey divorce settlement by using a suite of tools tailored to meet both federal and state-specific divorce and custody laws.

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