CIS and Divorce Financials: A Complete NJ Divorce Software Suite

Child support and custody is an important aspect of divorce negotiation, arguably the most important aspect since the children can’t fight for their own rights. However it’s not the only aspect. By using both of our products, Divorce Financials and NJ Case Information Statement, NJ family law attorneys have a comprehensive set of tools for their clients.

Incomplete Solutions

General divorce software provides family law attorneys with tools necessary to calculate equitable property division, alimony and child support. These tools allow divorce lawyers to create comprehensive settlements as well as dealing with complex issues like alimony buyout, pension valuation and tax optimization. General divorce software does a good job of working with the numbers, but leave attorneys to fill out the CIS form manually.

Specialized CIS software focuses on New Jersey custody and child support laws. It allows attorneys to explore in depth various custody and support scenarios, generating multiple scenarios in a matter of minutes and comparing them side by side to find the optimal solution. While this is a great solution for completing CIS forms, it doesn’t provide tools for the other aspects of divorce.

Great Products Working Together

Easysoft Legal Software has designed Divorce Financials and CIS to work together. You can exchange data easily between the two programs to give you a software suite with the benefits of both products. They complement each other to provide a comprehensive family law software suite.

Use Case Information Statement software for meticulous analysis of custody and child support options. Then import that data into Divorce Financials to create a tax-optimized alimony/child support solution, simplify asset and liability division, and offer alternatives such as alimony buyouts. Generate the CIS form as well as a host of other documentation from a central repository of information so you can be sure all forms contain the same information.

This kind of software collaboration is a hallmark of Easysoft Legal Software’s attorney practice management software. We don’t offer solutions for single issues. We offer the legal profession an array of technologies that work together to provide an easy yet comprehensive suite of applications designed to simplify and automate the modern legal practice. Explore our many legal software products and discover how they can improve your service and your bottom line.

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