Can You Trust Your Trusts To The Cloud?

The transition to cloud software makes some attorneys nervous. Client confidentiality is core to the legal practice, especially for tasks such as trust fund accounting. Is it really safe to use cloud-based legal billing and accounting software? Absolutely. In fact, it’s probably safer than using desktop tools.

Think about it in legal terms. The average citizen can file bankruptcy, get a divorce or even face criminal charges without an attorney but it’s rarely the wise choice. There are so many pitfalls and subtleties to even the simplest laws that the best option is to hire a lawyer to get access to the legal expertise necessary to resolve the case successfully.

Just as it’s best to let attorneys handle legal matters, it’s best to let IT experts handle escrow software matters. Does your practice have a dedicated digital security team? Probably not. Even the largest firms can’t afford to employ the level of talent you’ll find at a typical cloud datacenter.

When you trust your attorney time and billing software to the cloud, you are turning the technical duties over to experienced IT professionals. They make sure the software is always up to date against the latest security threats. They employ the latest software and security tactics against viruses, malware and hackers. They house your information on redundant storage networks housed in physically secure locations. They back up your software regularly allowing easy recover in the event of disaster.

Your online transactions are protected by the same encryption technology used by global financial organizations. It’s just as safe as doing online banking. Your information is also encrypted when it is stored so that only you can access it. Even Easysoft Legal Software employees and IT workers at our datacenter can’t look at your files.

We spent a great deal of time and effort ensuring that the cloud-based versions of our law practice management software were secure before we released them to the public. We have built a reputation of trust among our clients for over 20 years and we weren’t going to jeopardize that by offering an inferior product.

Contact one of our software specialists at 800-905-7638 if you have any questions about the security of Easysoft Legal Software’s cloud-based products or any other aspect of our line legal practice tools.

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