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Clients want to feel good about paying money to their lawyer.  They want to know that you have a particular presence in a competitive marketplace and that you are a top-notch professional.

Part of how you provide positive reinforcement to clients about your professionalism is to send clients a professional looking bill.  Well organized.  Consistent in appearance from month-to-month.  Easy-to-read information.  And a voucher slip to facilitate easy payment remittance.

To achieve this branding of your law firm and this increase in your bottom line, you need Easysoft Legal Software’s law office billing software.

As soon as you install Easysoft Legal Software’s legal time and billing software for attorneys, it will prompt you to enter your basic law office information, including address, telephone, and fax.  This law office billing software also includes fields for your website address and e-mail address.  All of this information will automatically print in the header of your client invoices.

Easysoft Legal Software’s billing software for attorneys also allows each timekeeper to be set up by individual name and individual hourly billing rate.  Each timekeeper can also have different rates for different files.  This information of timekeeper plus rate will appear on each client invoice.

This legal billing software also comes with several template pages for invoices, cover letters, and remittance slips.  If one of these law office billing software templates fits your needs when you preview it, simply select that template for your invoice format default.  But, if you want to edit the template, Easysoft Legal Software’s attorney billing software allows you to click the “edit” button to rephrase words and rearrange formats.  When you click “save,” it becomes the new template.  Want to revert back to the original template?  Just click “restore.”

Easysoft Legal Software’s law firm billing software also comes with personal customer support, a set of on-line instructional videos and webinars.  You don’t need to be a computer programmer to have a customized invoice.  You just need Easysoft Legal Software.

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